We confirm we have complied with the government’s guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19


  • We have carried out a COVID-19 risk assessment and shared the results with the people who work here
  • We have cleaning, handwashing and hygiene procedures in line with guidance
  • We have taken all reasonable steps to help people work from home
  • We have taken all reasonable steps to maintain a 2m distance in the workplace
  • Where people cannot be 2m apart, we have done everything practical to manage transmission risk


Stane Park Ltd (t/a Lodge Park Business Centre) Business Centre Operator & Landlord



Who to contact: Joshua Warren – – 01206 233 199

(or the Health and Safety Executive at or 0300 003 1647)


With the government releasing the guidance on how to work safely in offices during the pandemic, we wanted to share with you the specific steps which we have taken to make Lodge Park Business Centre COVID-19 Secure.

To us, the safety of our tenants, their visitors, our contractors and our employees is paramount. Hence, we have reviewed this government guidance with the seriousness it deserves. We have undertaken a very detailed risk assessment and have implemented those measures which we identified as being required to minimise the risks of infection from COVID-19 in an office environment.

Prior to the pandemic, Lodge Park’s Business Centre’s offices were the most spacious in the borough of Colchester with on average 8 m2 allocated to each desk within a suite. Right from day one, we designed our offices for comfort as well as prestige and therefore desk size and spacing has always been at the forefront of our thinking. Today, these past actions allow us to meet the challenges of the pandemic and offer not only high-quality office suites to tenants but equally and most importantly COVID-19 Secure accommodation without detriment to the quality of the offices.

The following pages give you an overview of the main actions we have implemented to enhance Lodge Park Business Centre and make it COVID-19 Secure.

We cannot eliminate totally the risk of COVID-19 but the combination of our past intent to create high quality office suites combined with the further steps we have now taken since the pandemic has put us in a good position to reduce the risk of infection. Today, we continue to provide prestigious, comfortable, quality offices to our tenants.

We do hope you come and visit Lodge Park Business Centre soon to gain a full appreciation of the outstanding office environment we have created. In the meantime, please stay safe.

Joshua Warren
Managing Director


We might not have changed the carpet’s colour or affixed floor tape around the desks to show the socially distanced safe zone; but fear not, our spacious offices offer a minimum of 2 metres of safe space around and between seated positions with a 400 mm tall desk screen separating those facing one another.

If you feel that this spacing is not sufficient, or if you prefer a different layout, then we can re-arrange the furniture so that each desk faces away and towards a wall. The choice is entirely yours. Either way, you will be secure in our office suites.


Good hand hygiene is the cornerstone of combating COVID-19. Washing hands regularly has been a central message from the government since the pandemic was declared in March. For this reason, we have put hand sanitisation at the heart of Lodge Park Business Centre’s COVID-19 response.

Each one of our entrances has a floor standing hand sanitisation unit dispensing biodegradable hand and surface wipes. These can be used to not only sanitise hands on arrival but also any surface touched on the way to one’s office, meeting room, kitchen or toilet.

Each toilet has not only antibacterial soap as you would expect but also alcohol-based hand sanitiser. You can wash your hands in comfort, dry them on our no-touch Dyson hand dryers and then for added security apply alcohol hand sanitiser should you desire.

Each office has been equipped with a 1 litre pump action bottle of hand sanitiser. Tenants are encouraged to sanitise their hands each time they enter and leave their offices.

Communal spaces such as reception, meeting rooms and kitchens have also been equipped with both mini hand sanitisation stations and alcohol hand sanitiser. This allows hands and equipment to be sanitised as and when desired.


In shared enclosed spaces, social distancing is equally key to combating COVID-19. To remind everyone of this need, we have affixed in all communal areas and in all key locations, different floor stickers reminding people of the need to maintain their distance. Crossing in corridors, pinch points and staircases is to be avoided at all times, as is crowding in the kitchen spaces. We have also reduced the occupancy in the lobbies of our female washrooms to ensure that distancing is maintained.

We have introduced a meet and greet service for all deliveries. Our estate team will collect your parcels and other deliveries outside the business centre and bring them to you. This avoids unnecessary entry by couriers and other delivery personnel, thereby reducing the risk of contamination.

As far as our meeting rooms are concerned, we have restricted occupancy and shown recommended seating positions to ensure people keep their distance. Fear not, although occupancy is reduced, our gigabit broadband is more than able to cope with everyone’s ZOOM and Microsoft Team video meetings.

Equally, if you prefer to have an outside meeting, or simply wish to relax in our park with some fresh air, our benches and picnic tables have also been affixed with stickers recommending seating positions. At Lodge Park, you can’t escape keeping your distance whether inside or outside!


From the outset, our cleaning standards have been demanding in line with our 5-star ambition. Not only have we always cleaned all the communal areas daily, we also clean every day the private tenanted office suites. We have constantly used anti-bacterial cleaning products in high touch areas such as kitchens, washrooms, meeting rooms and the general communal areas as you would expect and continue to do so today. All our dishwashers are run on a 70 °C setting. Daily, we replace all tea towels and empty all dustbins and waste paper bins.

Since the pandemic has been declared, we have carried out a deep clean of all areas prior to the return of tenants. Since then, we have continued with our demanding cleaning regime ensuring that each day all communal areas including high touch areas, offices desks and telephones are sanitised with antibacterial products. Soon, we will introduce daytime cleaning in addition to the daily nightly clean.

In the unfortunate event that we need to sanitise one or more spaces rapidly, we have procured a high-volume sanitising aerosol mist cleaning agent which we can rapidly deploy to sanitise large areas of the business centre and enable re-entry in less than 30 minutes. This food surface and document safe biocide product has proven efficient on coronaviruses and will enable us to rapidly react to any suspected contamination.